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History of La Gran Maria Villa

Brief History of La Gran Maria Villa Anguilla.

La Gran Maria Villa Anguilla is located in the Lockrum Estates overlooking French St. Martin. Lockrum was once the location where demi-johns of rum were smuggled from St. Martin/Maarten and cast overboard in the Lockrum landlocked bay. After the customs’ prohibition on rum was lifted, Lockrum became an agricultural depot and was secured by three (3) foot rock walls constructed by the villagers. It was zoned for cattle and agriculture. Corn was stored in the sand and protected from rodents by stored conch shells. Imagine that these rodents did not appreciate the smell and ran away. Work was done on the Estate back then through “Jollification”. The Villagers worked joyfully, the women cooked and served the men with lots of food and liquor, some too drunk to go home and just stayed on the beach until the next day, an easy way to arrive early at work. They were our first tourists who enjoyed the beaches.

Our forefather’s never contemplated using coastal land for other than agriculture and often left these real estate properties to their outside children (i.e. outside their marriage). They envisioned their “legitimate” moving inland and closer to the main town, The Valley.

Later, the site has blossomed as prime real estate with the most gorgeous views of St. Martin/Maarten, Tintamare and on a clear day, St. Barthelemy and even St. Kitts. Annually, one can enjoy the whales frolicking in the channel between Anguilla and St. Maarten. On the left is the Atlantic and on the right the Caribbean Sea. The area is swept with the cool breezes from Africa that cool the temperature at the coast line and drive away most of the mosquitos.

La Gran Maria Villa Anguilla was designed by a well-renowned British Architect Dan Hunte. He had lived on the island for several years and knew better than anyone the position of the sun during the year as well as the direction of the winds. Hence, he designed this spacious 13,000 sq. ft. (living and common areas) villa for maximum ventilation and enjoyment of the sunsets and gorgeous views of neighbouring St. Martin/Maarten. La Gran Maria Villa Anguilla is meant to be a “Home Away from Home.”

Construction commenced in 1993 and was completed in 1999. Since there were no road infrastructure to the property except winding dirt roads, the construction took a laid back agenda similar to the modus operandi of our culture. “Slow down Mon, What’s ya hurry.”

The Villa has been patronized by many celebrities including the famous singers, songwriters, welter-weigh boxer, TV personalities, wealthy business men and women, and sports and all our guests who we deem to be celebrities.

The villa is patronized by small wedding groups that enjoy the lush vegetation and the scenic views. Some newlywed couples even visit for picture taking of the panoramic views.